About HSV-Date

We created HSV-Date just over 10 years ago. It was an answer to an issue one of our friends were having. He had had a girlfriend who decided to cheat on him and then give him herpes as well. One day a few months later I asked him how the love life was going and he replied that it “wasn’t”. When I asked why he said it was essentially because of “The Talk”. That awkward conversation that you need to have with someone before becoming intimate. When you decide to have “The Talk” are you doing it too early? Have you waited to long to have it and now worried about what the persons reaction is going to be? I asked him if there wasnt dating sites out there just for those with herpes. He said there was but that the cost of them was anything between 25 – 60 US per month. At that point I went about creating HSV-Date. To give all of us a community / dating site that wouldn’t break the bank!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe, secure and affordable community support and dating solution for those who have tested positive for HSV-2 or otherwise known as genital herpes. It is 100% free to join our site. We do have a supporter option when you are checking out however it is not mandatory. It does however make you stand out from the many by giving your member listing a profile badge that shows you are a loyal supporter of the community and want to help us make it grow.

The standard free membership allows you to do everything on the site. There are no restrictions. Like we said, the only difference between the free and the supporter membership is the profile badge.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that just because you have be diagnosed with HSV2 it doesn’t mean it is the end of your romantic life. Also we are of the mind set that people shouldn’t become rich off of others medical conditions. Sadly it is a philosophy not shared by some of our competitors.

Meet Our Team

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Chief Technical Officer

Handles all the development and design of the site.

About HSV-Date 2


Chief Financial Officer

Deals with all the financial aspects of the site.

About HSV-Date 3


Chief Support Officer

Takes care of all the support issues of the site.

Comments or Questions?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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